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Micronesia is most easily reached via Honolulu but it can be reached from the continent as well and more recently from Manila or Palau.

United Airlines is the main carrier serving the island. It has an island hopping flight three times a week travelling Honolulu—Majuro—Kwajalein—Kosrae—Pohnpei—Chuuk—Guam and back.

This island hopping flight lasts 14 hours. The planes stop for approximately one hour on each island.

Once arrived on the island of Pohnpei, getting to the ruins is easiest by boat.

At high tide, small motorboats from the main town of Kolonia can easily make the trip to Nan Madol in about an hour through a lagoon where diving sea birds fish.

You can get there by car as well, but it's a half-day drive on rutted roads and then, assuming you've timed your arrival to coincide with the low tide, you can walk across the ankle-deep water to the city, which is in various stages of ruin.

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